Featured Charity

Akola is a nonprofit jewelry brand that empowers women in Uganda and Dallas, TX to redesign their stories. Each piece is handcrafted by 1 of 500 women in poverty working to redesign the future of their families. 100% of Akola revenue is reinvested in our mission to help these women transform their families and communities.

Every dollar spent on Akola products is reinvested in our mission to provide work opportunities and training to women in poverty in Dallas, TX and Uganda. Additionally, Akola relies on donations to provide social programs that teach women how to use their income to create meaningful change in their families and communities.

In 2006, Brittany Merrill Underwood founded Akola when she was a sophomore at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX after she met a Ugandan woman who cared for 24 street children in her home. Inspired to action, Brittany discovered that by training and employing women who are deemed “unemployable” in their communities, and guaranteeing them a monthly income, Akola could care for thousands of children. Today, Akola provides training, dependable living-wage work opportunities and holistic education programs to over 500 women in Uganda and Dallas, TX who care for approximately 4,000 dependents.

These women are courageous – they are stepping up to make a change in their lives – and to support their families and communities. Akola jewelry represents a story, a life, a woman, a family – hope – dignity… that’s what you are wearing when you wear Akola. A product that heals – a product that restores. A first job. A first step. A new life. We are excited for you to share the women’s stories whose lives have been changed as you wear their jewelry with pride.

Thank you for joining our journey to change lives – may yours be changed as well.